Telomemore – Analysis of telomeres in scATAC datasets, for analysis of chromatin condensation

FACSanadu – Tired of fighting for a FlowJo dongle? Want to do FACS analysis on your favourite operating system? This software is for you. Minimalist design, with focus on being quick and easy

Endrov – Image analysis software with focus on large datasets and efficient entry of user annotation.

Collagene – Simple cloning software with one of the most interactive user interfaces to explore your plasmids.

BaIOPSE – Alternative approach to calling hits from pooled CRISPR screens. The code is already available as-is on GitHub for our Th2 Cell paper. Because it relies on MCMC for estimating the statistics it is rather slow; but it might be inspiration for alternative statistical formulations to call CRISPR hits. A modern implementation would instead use variational inference, which is much faster than MCMC.