Teaching demos for statistics and ML

Paper: The CD4 T cell epigenetic JUNB+ state is associated with proliferation and exhaustion [link]

Paper: Telomemore enables single-cell analysis of cell cycle and chromatin condensation [link]

New T cell bulk data viewer

See our new T cell data viewer (alpha/beta), including data also from other labs. Does not yet include all the data from the CRISPR/Th2 paper.

Code for all our work is also made available on our GitHub account.


Paper: Meta-Analysis of Gene Popularity: Less Than Half of Gene Citations Stem from Gene Regulatory Networks [link]

Paper: Genome-wide CRISPR screens in T helper cells reveal pervasive cross-talk between activation and differentiation [link]

Some previous thesis reports (under construction):

PhD work of Johan Henriksson:

4D image data of gene expression during C.elegans embryogenesis

All the raw spatio-temporal recording data has now been deposited at Biostudies S-BIAD191. The recordings are in the Endrov OST format. However, OST is just a collection of PNG and JPEG 2d images, so for a quick peek, any image viewer will do.